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How to avoid business procrastination

How to avoid Procrastination As You Build Your Business

Today, we are going to discuss the tips on how to avoid business procrastination. Often, business owners do feel like postponing what ought to be done immediately to some other time; and the act of doing this is what is known as procrastination. So it is quite unfortunate to delay what you suppose to do today till tomorrow, such practice can lead to a big obstacle to the growth and development of a business towards success.

All entrepreneurs including the successful ones would have felt at one time of their business career the zeal to put things off. This zeal (procrastination) is not a concept of laziness, it often arise when one to-do list is full of daunting chores. So procrastination is a strange compulsion that everyone has experienced consciously or unconsciously. But the fundamental reasons behind it can be difficult to pin down.

So, do you procrastinate, delay tasks and do some other things instead? Are you having trouble completing your business task at the right time? If yes, then you are not alone. Beating the act of procrastinating is a big challenge for every business owner.


At this juncture, it is very pertinent to note that procrastination delays the core activities that carry people nearer to their dream goals. So if you are ready to build, grow and develop a thriving business with a stronger pillar, you need to put the following top notch tips on how to avoid business procrastination into real practice. Delegate works to your staffs.

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1. Delegate works to your staffs

One of the difficult things for business owners to do is delegating their works. They feel their position isn’t secure but delegating some task to the most trusted staff is very vital. As an entrepreneur who wants to avoid business procrastination, learn to delegate some power, control and authorities to some of your employees. Plus, have faith in them for only then will you consider offloading some tasks to them so as to help ease your affairs. At least, as a manager, you need to save some strength and energy for the big works and items to come.

2. Trim your business ‘to do’ list.

To some, business to-do lists are very important and to some, they are not always useful but rather, they worsen the situation. Many entrepreneurs feel bored when having an enormous list of things they are compels to do. They loose their moral and at the end of the day they realize they’ve do nothing. To avoid this, trim your business to-do- list down to the most important task at hand by so doing, it’ll enable you to avoid business procrastination.

3. Break it down.

If you have been experiencing business procrastination and will like to avoid it, consider breaking down your big tasks. Nobody – including the successful entrepreneur in the sector -can focus for hours on a single work. Stay stick to your time and manage it well. This will help you to touch every single task you have for the day.

4. Go offline.

The internet has in some senses done harm than good to us. As an entrepreneur who is working tirelessly to meet the deadline, a stable internet connection should be avoided because it is no doubt a danger to productive work. So if you actually want to avoid business procrastination, set aside an hour or the whole day to go offline. This will enable you to work without any sort of distraction as such; it will enhance you to perfectly get the work done.


5. Every single moment is a perfect time.

The best antidote for procrastination is to see every single moment as the right and perfect time. Dare to do something now, even if you are not in the mood. Such is one of the secrets of a successful entrepreneur. Taking a bold step to start a task is the beginning of its end because it’ll be easier for you to come back and keep doing it.

6. Plan your work schedule sensibly.

Study yourself and know the best time of the day you enjoy working and when you use to get used up. Keep tabs of your natural rhythms and make use of it to your advantage. Plan the big and tedious jobs for the morning if it’s your perfect working period or afternoon if you derive your morale from the beaming and dazzling sunlight (this is odd, though.) So avoid doing difficult tasks at the moment or period you do encounter a physiological lull since you will be less productive at that hour.

7. Sandwich your tasks.

Do you have something important that needs utmost attention but you feel like not doing it now? Then, schedule that kind of work in between two tasks that give you joy whenever you do them. The two enjoyable tasks will set straight your business frame of mind, plus what you should look forward to.

8. Create a perfect habit for yourself.

In the course of avoiding business procrastination, plan your business recurring tasks for the same time, day or week to become your habit. Doing this will enable the task to become part of you and no matter how difficult it is, it will — over time — be as simple as ABC, hence, hardly will you procrastinate.


9. Look for the perfect working environment.

Separate your business from pleasure, and you will have no course to procrastinate. At least there’s time for everything. Look for the perfect working environment where nothing other than your business will catch your attention. In case you are operating from a home office, ensure the business is operated from a separate room with a fixed working hour.

10. Get it done.

If you are going to do a task, get it done and never feel stretched out about it. Sometimes, entrepreneurs do believe that they’ve worked and performed under pressure when in reality there is more to it. So avoiding business procrastination is crucial if you want to work the best of your venture abilities.

End Note.

Understanding your business mind is the key to battling procrastination. So if you study the above tips and put it into practice, then procrastination will never be your portion and your business stand the chance to grow well and thrive positively.

Ikoi Abode Ikenna
Ikoi Abode Ikenna is a Pharmacist living in Lagos, Nigeria. A fan of entrepreneurship, technology, and web development and seasoned blogger, currently the owner and editor of Abode Business ( and West Entrepreneur Forum ( you can follow him on Instagram @pharmabode


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