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Entrepreneurship Africa

5 Benefits of Entrepreneurship in Africa

Entrepreneurship AfricaEntrepreneurship, ideas, innovation, and commerce hubs are passionately connected to Africa. Entrepreneurship in Africa is often claimed as the perfect way to live a comfortable life.

Opportunity abounds; you can work from home, become your own CEO, and even go to work when you only feel like. These among others are the benefits of entrepreneurship, yet many veteran entrepreneurs will still think that there are several more surprising benefits of these.

However, this article is going to paddle you through them one after the other. The following are therefore the benefits of entrepreneurship in Africa.

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1. You’ll be Exposed to New Skills

It’s often said that entrepreneurs wear so many hats and that’s true since it’s one of the surest ways they could survive. It’s no brainer that one of the popular skills they do acquire is how to buy and sell.

It’s very difficult to survive as an entrepreneur in Africa without having the knowledge of how to sell your brand, goods, product and or service.

In the same vein, the principle is also applied to various roles you’ll be needed to manage which customer service, management and accounting are inclusive.

2. An Appealing Work-life Balance

Obviously, the stereotype of an entrepreneurship in Africa is that of an entrepreneur who is poring -continuously – over the log for their business.

Although there are some entrepreneurs who overwork themselves, but many do find themselves cracking the daily grind and spending more time with their family and friends.

To some entrepreneurs in Africa, the reason why they start their own business in the first place is to experience a good looking work environments coupled with the health, serene and productivity benefits which a better work-life balance would bring.


3. Seize Your Independence : 

One of the advantage of starting up a business is to call in favours and build up an exciting career network. All entrepreneurs are independent, they are their own boss because they face and solve problems head-on.

Entrepreneurship in Africa does show one how to seize his independence. You will be exposed to how to reason for yourself, plus connect with a prominent personality of your own choice.

Such is the benefit of entrepreneurship in Africa that gives freedom to some that have never experienced it ever since they were children.

As such, entrepreneurship can be so invigorating and nourishing in the first place.Entrepreneurship Africa

4. Work Where You so Desired

Another benefit that an entrepreneur in Africa stand to gain is the ability to work from their comfort zone. They have absolute freedom to do business where they want and cruise where they feel like.

In fact, as far as Africa is concerned, the freedom for an entrepreneur to work where he want is absolutely liberating.

Nothing is preventing them from transacting legitimately in one country for a specific period of time and move on to another country for the same purpose. We are one Africa!

5. Contribute to World Development

An entrepreneur will always strive to make an impact.  All they usually want is purpose, they enjoy doing just that. Whenever there’s an obstacle, the solutions they provers are contributing to the world progress at large.

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To round it up, the benefit of entrepreneurship in Africa is far more than to be your own CEO. As an entrepreneur, you will have the open advantage to learning new skills, gain your own independence, work where you so much desired and even, you will be exposed to an appealing work-life balance.

Trust me, if you go into entrepreneurship in Africa, a few years from now you’ll become a totally different person. This is all down to the enormous benefits of entrepreneurship.

Ikoi Abode Ikenna

Ikoi Abode Ikenna is a Pharmacist living in Lagos, Nigeria. A fan of entrepreneurship, technology, and web development and seasoned blogger, currently the owner and editor of Abode Business ( and West Entrepreneur Forum ( you can follow him on Instagram @pharmabode

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