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Best Black Friday deals for Small Businesses

Black fridayBlack Friday is usually¬† a busy day for retailers and business owners, yet you may just be busy for nothing if you haven’t set the right target for yourself and ultimately have professional deals with some top brands around the globe.

As we are already in November, many online stores and in-stores have alot deals to make. You may have flair for having a new shopping for products or changes of appliances in your homes, holiday gifts for your workers and nice furniture for your offices and homes.

Black Friday and Thanksgiving most times goes hand in hand as the cut down of prices and advertised discounts of products are animated on highway billboards, websites and social media handles.

Have you been searching endlessly for best black friday deals for your small businesses? If yes! Read on as I reveal top list of trusted dealers with best products and services around the globe. As a small business owner, you can sign deals with the following brands;

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1. Amazon.

Amazon has a lot of huge products price cut down during this holiday season and black Fridays. No matter your mode of operating your business, you can supply various products ranging from Kindle to Amazon echo products which are mostly advertised on their popular pages. You may expect amazing deals raging from home appliances like TVs and Home theatres to kitchen utensils.

2. Samsung

As usual, Samsung is here again providing deals based online starting from 18th of November and it’s extended to Black Friday and Thanksgiving. Top products offered for deals by Samsung includes Smartphones, home appliances like TVs and many more technological gadgets from their brand.

3. Best Buy

Best buy is offering in-store and incredible negotiation throughout Black Fridays and Thanksgiving. Depending on your business mode, you can supply various products ranging Smartphones, TVs and Laptops since they are always placed as lead ads on their websites.Black Friday

4. Office Depot

This brand offers a variety of price discounted products to those willing to partner with them. Depending on your plans and budget, you can have deals signed with this brand ranging from office furniture to computers and printers. Sign up on their website to have quick notifications of their pricing and dealing throughout the months and Black Fridays as soon as it’s ready.

5. Microsoft

This leading brand offers a relieving form of black Friday and Thanksgiving deals as they have been unveiling wide ranged products since 18th of November. You strike deals on their Xbox consoles and accessories and product like Laptops. You can reach them for latest updates.

6. HP

HP started has started their black Friday deals since their Thanksgiving and are still in the market to offer moderate discount on their products like computers, printers and technological gadgets which can be use to replace your old tech gadgets and beautiful your offices and homes.

7. Music & Arts

This brand provides small business owners a good black Friday and Thanksgiving deals. If you’re a musical entrepreneur or you just loved to partner with them. Music & Arts offers deals on variety of musical instruments like pianos and guitars through their online store and offline offices.

8. Blue Host

Blue host offers a new webmasters and web designers whooping 60% discount for their annual black Friday deals for their special themes and packages which you’d wished to purchase or sign its deals.

9. Jet

Jet provides a quick approachable black Friday deals to willing small business hoping to buy their deals on their smart products like Headphones, Smartwatches and Laptops.

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Black Friday deals differs in regards to different companies and different products they offer but as long as you tactfully research about those brands and have a good sketch on those that would profit you. Meet them and make wise deals.

Ikoi Abode Ikenna
Ikoi Abode Ikenna is a Pharmacist living in Lagos, Nigeria. A fan of entrepreneurship, technology, and web development and seasoned blogger, currently the owner and editor of Abode Business ( and West Entrepreneur Forum ( you can follow him on Instagram @pharmabode


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