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Profitable Business Ideas For Festive Period

Festive periods Cheers! The festive period is around and it’s a good time to kick start small businesses and make good money. No doubt, people consider the festive period as the time to spend a lot of celebration whereas entrepreneurs believe it to be an opportunity to earn additional income.

Of course, this is the long awaited moment for the business minded ones as festive periods unfold extra opportunities to earn more profits since people will like to catch fun no matter the cost.

So, if you are ready and willing to begin your own business with small capital, then the timing is really now for you to take advantage of plethora numbers of business ideas and opportunities that can be ventured into during this festive period.

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The Top Business Ideas and Opportunities for Festive Periods are As Follows:

1. Gift Basket

The festive period is seen as a period of giving as such people exchange gift items from one another.

If you are skilled and creative in weaving beautiful and attractive gift baskets, then this is the right time for you to make it as a skill basket weaver.

You can earn more proceeds if you try selling them empty to any popular or nearby gift items stores and you can also make more money by selling them with some gift items inside.

2. Jewelries

Jewelry cost a fortune and it’s one of the items that draws beauty out of the ladies. Every mother will love to get jewelries for their precious daughters, capable husbands will love to get some for their enchanting wife – as a surprise or to mark the Christmas celebration and young ladies too, so that they can look charming and beautiful to their spouse.

Therefore, there has to be someone close and near to trade in the jewelry business and that person has to be you!

3. Sell Clothes

This festive periods business ideas did not stop you from concentrating on your primary business as it gives room for mobile selling. You can pack them in a basket and hang it around to your destinations.

Everybody wants to look smart and great during the festive period and to achieve this, everybody needs new clothes and that’s why you will be able to make additional income selling clothes to your church members, neighbors, office partners, family and friends etc.Festive periods

4. Sell Children’s Toys

One of the highly patronise business during the festive time is children plays and toys. Capitalise on this business idea as much as you can and you wouldn’t regret it.

There’s no doubt that most parents loves to surprise their children during Christmas and the best of all surprise for kids are toys and dolls.

Therefore, starting this business isn’t a bad move at all.

5. Home Decorator

At times, people waste their precious time trying to decorate their home for Christmas and holidays but ending up messing the whole house.

If you are skilled in interior designs and decorations, you stand a chance to earn a great deal by helping people to decorate their homes during Christmas time.

In fact, if your sense of style is exceptional, people will start recommending you to their neighbours and close ones and before you know it, you are already in the money.

6. Organize Entertainment Shows

The festive season is a month full of excitement and celebration as such no one would like to miss out where the real fun is unfolding live and direct.

If you have what to take to organize a show, or better still, a party, then you can seize the opportunity of this festive season to organize an amazing musical shows were fun-lovers will be charged an affordable gate fee to see the event as it’s happening.

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What are you waiting for? Trust me, people are ready to pay just to watch the show so far it promises to be groovy.

However, the above discussed are the highly patronise and profitable festive period business ideas you can ever imagine!

Ikoi Abode Ikenna
Ikoi Abode Ikenna is a Pharmacist living in Lagos, Nigeria. A fan of entrepreneurship, technology, and web development and seasoned blogger, currently the owner and editor of Abode Business ( and West Entrepreneur Forum ( you can follow him on Instagram @pharmabode


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