Coconut oil Production Business plan

coconut oilAs the name implies, Coconut oil is one of the edible end products derived from a healthy coconut fruit. Coconut oil production business is a comfortable business idea and an opportunity that is not capital intensive to begin with.

Do you want to start a coconut oil production business from the scratch? If yes, the following steps are very important in starting a coconut oil production business.

  1. Get Adequate Training

If you are planning to kick start a coconut oil production business that will be highly demanding in the competitive market, then it’s very necessary you get adequate training and skills on how to make the best coconut oil that will be second to none.

To get this done, you can approach a veteran in the business to guide you through or better still, there are numerous tutorials video and eBooks online that will lead you through the process.

  1. A well Structured Business Plan

The first step needed in setting up coconut oil production business structure is a well drafted and adequate business plan. A clear picture of the proposed coconut oil production business will definitely define the future unseen of the company.

Your coconut oil business plan should solve problems like; what will your coconut oil brand look like? What will make your coconut oil product stand out amidst others in the market? Where do you think your coconut oil product will reach in few years to come? Etc. A clear answers to these poised questions will make the coconut oil business plan more effective.

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  1. Market Survey

Your coconut oil production business is just starting out from the scratch and that’s why you need to conduct a thorough research before you begin with the oil production. You should know who your potential prospects are and where you can find them.

  1. Business Registration

Registering a business to become a legal entity is one of the vital things a company should do before kick starting fully. Hence, you are required to register the coconut oil business since you will be operating the business as a company.

  1. Source for Raw Material

The major raw material needed for the production of the coconut oil is the coconut fruits. Since it will take time for you to plant a coconut tree and wait for its fruits, instead, find a farmer who will be supplying you quantity coconuts fruits constantly at a cheaper and affordable.

  1. Marketing

For your target audience to know your presence in the competitive market you are required to create awareness of your coconut oil product by using the various marketing strategies. Since we are in the internet era, you need to make some online presence – where necessary, too.

  1. Packaging

The packaging is very crucial for any product that’s just setting out, especially when there are some brand in existence in the competitive market. In the same regard, there are plethora numbers of coconut oil – of different brands – in the market.

The way and manner you package your own coconut oil product will therefore determine whether or not you will realize your desired results. Package your coconut oil product neatly and firmly that anybody that come across it at first sight would like to get one.

The first impression the said matters a lot.

It’s however, very important you note that bad product can only sell once. Apart from the tempting packaging, the oil should be of best quality  because if it fails to meet up with the customer expectations, they will never patronise the product again.

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End Note

However, ensure your coconut oil carries your company’s logo, contact, company name and the company’s address on each pack for this will enable anybody your seasonal and potential customers who wishes to order for your product in large quantity to know how to go by your company.


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