How to Earn Dollars Blogging as A Newbie


Being an online entrepreneur, people often asked me to enlighten them on how to earn massive income blogging so today, I’ll be unfolding some basic but magnificent steps that all the high earners in blogging takes in raking in dollars every single second.

Have you been browsing through the net looking for steps to take to start blogging as a newbie? Oh! you are passionate about blogging and will like to start one? Or have you been blogging, but not earning as you will like to? If yes, this article is going to solve all your worries on making money blogging.

So, if you are ready, here’s how you can easily make money blogging as a newbie.

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1. Create a Blog

First thing first, for you to make money blogging, it’s expected of you to have a blog up and running. As easy as it sounds, running a blog requires some technical ideas and insight before you can actually monetize it.

You can design a blog of your own if you have the knowledge of making one and you can incur the service of blog designers who will help you to create one for a token.

While designing a blog of your choice, it’s advisable you design it in such a way and manner that it will be user-friendly and easy to navigate by your target users. If possible, design it in a way that mobile phone users with smaller screen resolution wouldn’t have problem accessing the blog.

However, you should decide a particular niche you will be blogging about. Chosen a definite area of specialization and know who, what your target audience need.

2. Start Creating Unique Content

Having created a blog you can not leave it alone without any content and expect money to be flowing in. A blog that’s not furnished with content can’t be called a blog so therefore, creation of unique contents to be posted on the blog is vital to your mission of earning massively in blogging.

It’s very important you focus on the attention of your target audience while creating unique and engaging content. If for instance, you set up a health blog, content like ‘health tips’, ‘healthy living’, ‘body weight’, ‘diet’, ‘symptoms and cure of certain diseases’ etc. are what your target audience will want to read on your blog.

On that note, pay attention to your audience needs and always post trending topics. However, ensure that the contents you will be creating are unique, engaging, SEO friendly and are free from plagiarism. Only then will you be rank high on search result pages.

In the same vein, creating contents that has value and the drive to change people’s lives positively are what you should be publishing, only then will people will keep visiting your blog and referring their love ones. Before you know it, you already have enormous traffic that is advantageous to your make money blogging goal.

3. Promote Your Blog

Now that you’ve got a blog with lots of unique and value driven contents the next thing in line is for you is to start promoting it. A good promotion will drive huge traffics to your blog as such, you can earn like a pro Blogger.

Although with the right content on your blog you could get more insight but if you really want to earn much you will have to spend much time building your blog and promoting it at the same time.

Similarly, there are various ways and strategies you can adopt to grow your blog’s audience and followers, you can promote it using the instrument of social media platforms, inbound link and the likes. So take your time to research and pick the one that suit you.

In so doing, always remember that you don’t only need ‘traffic’ to your blog, but rather ‘readers’ that will visit your blog again and again.

In addition, should you picture some certain class of readers in your mind, it’s advisable you track down where you can get them so as to create the awareness of your blog’s existence to them. You may consider visiting them on a particular social media forum and leave them a good comment.

Visit each and every places your target reader might be present and let your own presence be felt by offering to make guest posts or by answering questions they ask.

Should you succeed in building a presence couple with fostering a good relationship with them, they will definitely reach you out for recommendations and all sorts hence, you have the opportunity to introduce them to your blog.

This is encouraged and far better than engaging in what is known as spammy practices.

4. Engage The Readers that Visit Your Blog

After taking your time focusing on creating great and value driven content, finding readers who will be visiting your blog, then you will start seeing visitors on your blog and engaging themselves with your well written contents.

At this stage, the next action in line if you really want to earn dollars as a newbie in blogging is for you to switch your attention to those readers by building a community and start engaging with them.

You can do this by responding to their comments, personally reach out to them and ensure you put in your best to keep them visiting your blog again and again.

If you succeed in engaging with your readers you stand a chance of gaining their loyalty; they will keep coming back to your blog and they will also inform their love ones about your blog, hence, doing what we call a word-of-mouth referral marketing even without your knowledge.

As a newbie in blogging, engaging readers is also one of the important aspect you must focus to earn dollars blogging like a professional.

5. Promote and Repeat Your Marketing Techniques

There’s no gain disputing the fact that covering and putting to practice all the first four steps wouldn’t come easy but with patience and dedication, you will be setting your blog up well and it will provide you every opportunity to make huge amount of money from the blog.

So, keep creating value driven and SEO friendly content, engage your readers and always promote your new post from time to time and with that, you will keep earning money like a pro Blogger. Remember, consistency is the key.


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