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How To Start an Export Business in Nigeria

Export Business

Are you looking for steps to follow to kick start an export business in Nigeria? Are you interested in knowing the concept you need to deal with before becoming an exporter in Nigeria? If yes, then keep reading this article as it’s on a mission to succinctly explain the procedure on how to start an export business in Nigeria.

Without mincing words, all it takes to run a hitch free export business in Nigeria will be broken down into simple sequential steps.

  1. Go for enlightenment

First thing first, to kick start an export business in Nigeria, it’s require of you to seek for expert opinion on the do’s and don’t of the business.

An export business isn’t what you can just dabble into without adequate knowledge.

As a wannabe exporter, it is important you go for more enlightenment on how the export market really works, what kind of document will be necessary, know the port guidelines and procedures, product sourcing just to mention but few

  1. Identify your desired product

Obviously, you can’t export all kinds of products. You sure have to choose what goods you can export without any issue and as such, turn your attention on those products.

Ensure that they are products that will be available any time there’s huge demand for it by the prospective target audience.

Regularly exported products in Nigeria include bitter Kola, cocoa, cassava, cashew nuts and a host of others.

  1. Register With NEXP

Having enquired on how the export business is being run from an expert or a professional in the business, the next thing expected of you is to register your business with the appropriate department.

To start an export business in Nigeria, you are to register your business with the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEXP). It is a must, something you just have to do to make your international dealings legal.

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  1. Do your Form NXP Registration

To run an export business in Nigeria without any problem, it’s required by the law of the Nigerian Customs Service that an exporter have to register and complete Form NXP.

It’s very important to note that this form has to do with payment with other little account openings and registration that follows.

  1. Go for your business paperwork

After your export business has been legally registered with the Nigeria Exports Promotion Council (NEXP), there are few paperwork you need to do to make your exporting business registration completed.

These paperwork aplenty, but the major one needed are the business license and exporting permit which can be obtained from the corporate affairs commission department.

To prove your export business legitimacy, the obtained licenses and permits will serve as evidence that the government really approve your exporting business.

  1. Get Licenses and business permit from the target foreign Country.

Since exporting goods and services from Nigeria literally means importing them into another country; and as such, licenses and certification to trade in such foreign country must be obtained from the government of that territory before you can sell your product to their citizens.

For this reason, you will need to obtain all the necessary license and business permit in the receiving country before you can start exporting commodities to the country.

In addition, to succeed in your export business, you need to research and ensure that your products is not on the prohibited goods list of the propose foreign country.

Plus, ensure that all the necessary paperwork required of you in and outside Nigeria is completed because a small registration you failed to do can bar you from succeeding from this export business.

Having followed all the aforementioned procedure, congratulations! you’ve become a legit exporter in Nigeria.

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Ikoi Abode Ikenna
Ikoi Abode Ikenna is a Pharmacist living in Lagos, Nigeria. A fan of entrepreneurship, technology, and web development and seasoned blogger, currently the owner and editor of Abode Business ( and West Entrepreneur Forum ( you can follow him on Instagram @pharmabode


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