Business Ideas in Delhi with Low Investment


Business ideas in Delhi – Some of the biggest multi-national companies in India have their head office located in Delhi which made the city a better place to do business in India.

Do you just move to Delhi and you are looking for a business with the low investment you can start? Are you still schooling but needs sides business ideas with low investment in Delhi? If yes, the following is a list of business with a low investment you can start in Delhi, India.

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1. Gym & Fitness Center

The most inhabitants of Delhi are fitness-savvy. Since Delhi is more of a fast city people keep flocking to various gym and fitness centers to keep their body’s hormones active. So, starting a gymnastics center is a profitable business you can rely on in Delhi.

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2. Recruitment Services

Having said the head office of the majority multinational corporations in India are located in Delhi, you can then saddle yourself with the responsibility of recruiting qualified people who are worth being hired by companies.

3. Coaching Centres

The love Indian parents have for education can never be jested with and that’s why they are little crazy about ensuring their kids excel in their academic pursuit. Thus, high market value is being placed on coaching tutors.

No startup capital is required here, all you need to do is just to find the right people with the correct skill and mindset.

4. Translation Services

Since we are in a small world and you are able to speak Indian and other languages, you stand a chance to make money out it. That is to say, you can become a translator for some international corporations and a bridge for different foreign individuals trying to communicate with the locals.

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5. Renting Business Idea in Delhi

For many, buying a new house is a way out of budget for them. As such, if you have a house with an extra unused room why don’t you rent it out for residential or commercial purposes.

Business Idea in Delhi: 6. Travel Guide 

Since Delhi is a rush city, if you have a car of your own, you can pick tourists up and take them on a tour around the national capital of India.

7. Courier Services

This is an aged business in Delhi, India. Courier services are also a low investment business in Delhi that has a booming opportunity. Ever since the concept of post-privatization, courier service has been firmly celebrated.

Business Ideas in Delhi: 8. Cab service

Another low investment business opportunity that awaits you in the capital city of India is cab service. If you have a car of your own, you can begin a cab business to ease the stress of honorable citizens who are stranded in the voluminous queue of the metro. Thus, dropping some stipends in your pocket.

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Business Ideas in Delhi: 9. Yoga Practicing Center

The way people keep demanding for yoga classes in Delhi is increasing day by day. If you possess the required skills, you can seize this opportunity to start out your own Yoga classes in your residence. Besides, if you have little cash, you can consider buying a franchise from some reputed companies that interest you.

Business Ideas in Delhi: 10. Content Writing

The list of businesses with the low investment you can start in Delhi will be incomplete without mentioning content writing jobs. You can become a full time or freelance writer who will be generating unique articles for big companies.

So far you have a very good command of the language, this business can be carried out from home, even in the comfort of your bedroom.

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I hope you find this list interesting. In case you have some other business ideas and opportunities with low investment in Delhi, feel free to make use of the comment section. Thanks!


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