Things Nigerian Students Can Do While ASUU is On Strike

Students asuu strike The times when schools go on long sessions without disruption or having to worry about teachers, lecturers, non-teaching staffs, to crown it all, government workers going on a warning strike because the government wasn’t doing the needful, were gone.

And the moment we thought the era of students having to sit at home for so long or stay some extra years in school due to the irrelevant strikes fueled by ASUU (Academic Staff Union of Universities) was over, still they strike again, leaving most students in total confusion.

This could create a total disruption in the school calendar. Unfortunately, students affected by this ASUU strike can go into lazy mode where they sit around doing nothing, making no good and reasonable use of their time, they just end up whiling away their precious time they can never get back. Some students engage in shenanigans and frivolities that has no positive impact on their lives during the ASUU strike.

While others might be trying to come up with a plan on how to make the indefinite time worthwhile.

We’ve come up with a fantastic and brilliant ideas, on how you can make something out of nothing during the ASUU strike that will help you benefit from your absence in school.

There are so many ways you can utilize your time whilst at home waiting for the strike to be called off.

You could learn a new or improve your skills.

The ASUU strike creates an opportunity for you to learn a new skill or rather improve on your skills. it could be baking, photography, dancing, playing of instruments, writing etc. you can make time to put yourself together, do the needful and improve on your skills or spice it up a bit and attain perfection in specific areas.

Spice Up your Talent 

If you are an aspiring dancer, actor, musician, or a footballer. Have you got talent or do you possess what it takes to bring you fame and lots of fortune in the future? Here is the right time and opportunity for you to spice up your talent and work on it.

Showcase your talent, let the world see what you’ve got, try to go for auditions at different locations, in order to know how good you’ve gotten and spaces to fill up, if need be. As the saying goes, ‘opportunity comes but once’, they don’t fall from the sky, you have to pull the bull by its horn. Do something magnificent with your time.Student ASUU strike

Get Paid by Getting a Job

You can save up money for school by getting a job whilst at home. Money is important, you can solve problems in school without having to bother your parents or guidance. You can get a job as an intern or as an assistant in a company, and also work as an apprentice in a private firm. Or better still work from home as a freelance writer or as a blogger.

Civilization has made it possible for people to get job opportunities via the internet without having to go through unnecessary stress. Money gotten while working might not be much to make a huge investment for future purpose but can be enough for necessities and you can also learn what needs to be learnt, like the value of money and time, and the essence of work ethic.

Start up a Business.

Being an entrepreneur is something to be proud of. As an undergraduate who wants to be independent, now is the time to put it to practice and engage yourself in something reasonable. Startup that business idea you’ve been nurturing for so long.

No age is too young to become an entrepreneur and a young millionaire. You will agree with me that it’s a lot easier to startup a business now due to the presence of technology that eases things.

This ASUU strike provides you the time and the time is right for you to set up a small business, you could sell products or render services. You don’t need to have large capital in other to get yourself started. You can use social media as a means to publicize your business.

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Become an Intern

It is necessary for you to get valuable experience and put into practice what you are being taught in real life. You can simply apply to be an intern somewhere and make every minute of this strike count.

Learn to Drive

It is quite unfortunate that most young adults lack driving skills completely. This is a modern age, gone are the days when people pay no attention to acquiring driving skills.

Get busy and equipped with knowledge, you can get registered in a driving school and learn the basics.

Get Enrolled for a Professional Course

There are avenues for impacting knowledge, the university isn’t the only place where you can be taught. You can enroll in short courses either online or for professional classes that you can get certain qualifications that may become useful in future.

It’s not important you get a certificate; the plan is to acquire knowledge that will be relevant to your aspirations.


Travel is one of the means of educating yourself. There isn’t a bad time for travelling. You may not have the money to make such trips, but you can travel within the country or within the city. It’s the easiest way to have fun and at same time educate yourself.

Be at Seminars and Development Events

The period of strike may offer a great opportunity to improve on your social skills. Try to attend seminars, conferences and events, it must not be professional.

it could be an event that presents an opportunity for you to explore your hobbies or talent and to have fun. It also exposes you to new connections, you meet people of different calibers. Being present at such events, motivates and inspires you and pushes you to challenge yourself into doing positive things.

Learn New Languages

Attend a language school to learn to speak different languages. Speaking other languages gives you an edge over your mates and other people, this places you above them and also will earn you some respect.

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Staying at home or being on strike doesn’t prevent you from learning, it is only an opportunity for you to improve on yourself and get you prepared for what awaits you in the future.
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