Privacy Policy

Nothing is as serious to Us as your Privacy!

Abodebusiness, Dba and our subsidiary, West Entrepreneur forum. (collectively as “Abode business ”, “our”, “us”, “we”), are committed to safeguarding your personal information and protecting your privacy. For the purpose of this section, You” means “You, i.e the User of the Websites.”

Take notice that this privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) regulates Abode Business personal information collection, usage and the processing practices with much respect to our sites or websites (“Websites” and “Subscription Services”). It at the same explain your choices with regard to the collection, use, and access to your Personal Information.

Hence, by accessing our Websites, you consent and accept the Personal Information usage and processing practices that are explained in this Privacy Policy. If in any way you do not consent with this Personal Information practices or processing that are discussed in this Privacy Policy, do not view or access or use our Websites.“

1. Information We Collect

We collect adequate information to provide better services to every user of our Digital Service, and it also includes determining the types of content or products and services that can be offered on our Digital Service that will be of relevance and interest to you the most.

We collect the needed information about you through the following sources:

a. The personal information you voluntarily give us. There are some of our services that you are required to register as a member before you enjoy them. As such, while creating an account with us, we request some information as to your name, telephone number, and your active email address.

b. The information we get knows when you access our Digital Service. This kind of information has to do with the advert or content you view, the products and services that we and/or our subsidiary website provides you. This kind of information is such that we automatically collect. This information is:

Device information: collect a few information about the type of device you use in the course of accessing our Digital Service. Among them are the browser type, browser language, hardware settings, the day, date and the time of your access, and the referral URL.

Log information: When you access the Digital Service, Abode business automatically save, collect and store some of your information in the server logs, which in turn automatically record some information regarding when you access or use our Digital Service, the details of what you did, your IP address, cookie, etc.

Location information: We also collect information as to where you are accessing the Digital Service from. Thus can be done using some technologies and with the help of your IP address

Local storage:  We may at the same time collect and save certain information about you using some mechanisms like browser web storage (with HTML 5) and the application data caches.

However, you are not obliged by any contractual means or statutory provisions to supply us with your personal information; but, if you refuse to supply us your detail information where required, it may hinder us in providing you with the necessary services you may have requested for or you may experience some limitation as to the Services you may want to access or use on the Digital Service. For instance, where you failed to provide us your email address, it may prevent us from sending you our Digital Services newsletters.

2. Information We Collect from the Third Parties

We may at the same time receive your Information from the third parties, such as the users of our Website who may directly supply us your Information.

3. How We Make Use of the Information We Collect

3.1. Controllership

By the virtue of this Privacy Policy, acts as either a data processor or a data controller for the  Information we process, it depends on the kind of relationship we have with you.

3.2. Basis of Processing

In case we serve as a data controller to you within the provisions of this Privacy Policy, Abode Business may rely heavily on one or more or all of the following legal reasons for processing of your Information:

  • Your consent;
  • Performing such duties under a binding contract to which you are privy;
  • Performing some certain steps that requested  before you enter into a contract;
  • Going after our legitimate interests. Such interest as to marketing our products or services; and
  • For any other available ground required or as permitted by the law.

Your consent may be withdrawn at any time in a situation whereby rely on your consent as the legal reason for processing your Information. However, if your consent is withdrawn, it will have no effect as to the lawfulness of the processing that took place before you withdraw such consent.

Where we serve as the data processor for the purpose of this Privacy Policy, Abode Business will process your Information particularly on the documented usage or instructions of the require data controllers.

3.3. Abode Business Never Sell Personal Information

We know how important your privacy or Personal Information is and as such, we are sincerely committed to safeguarding it as to the extent of its confidentiality. We quite understand that your privacy or Personal information is never for sale. We shall never sell or rent or leak or otherwise abuse such privacy you have entrusted to us.

3.4. Use of Personal Information

For the purpose of this Privacy Policy, may use your information to do the following:

(a) improve your experience on the Website;

(b) send such information or content which we may be of interest to you via post or email or any other available means; and

(c) send you any marketing communications or strategies which we are sure to be of interest to you.

3.5. Sharing Your Information with Some Third Parties E.g Service Providers

We may engage the services of some third parties to carry out certain services for us and as such, we may provide the third party(s) with your Information where necessary, only to enhance them in performing such specific services. These third parties may include:

  • Those helping us in sending you marketing emails and carrying out some social networking tracking;
  • Those providing us with cloud storage services;
  • Those serving advertisements;
  • Those rendering customer support services;
  • Those that are enabling us in sending you mails;
  • Those rendering web analytics service, performance tracking plus, email automation software;
  • Those providing payment gateway integration, subscription management and invoicing services;
  • Those providing the service of video streaming;
  • Those rendering us issue-tracking software;
  • Those enabling payment processing;
  • Those that are responsible for monitoring errors on the site platforms;
  • Those offering marketing and/or advertising services;
  • Those assisting in appointment scheduling;
  • Those that are providing us online survey software; and
  • Those rendering revenue analytics services.

However, such third parties are therefore prohibited from making use of your Information save for these purposes. They are to maintain total confidentiality of your personal information.

4. Payment and Order Information

We process and collect a certain amount of money as payment and order information from you whenever you subscribe to or order for any content or products or services from the Digital Services, including the billing information, credit card numbers and the shipping information using the third party PCI-compliant.

4. Cookies uses cookies to administer its Service, analyze trends, track its users’ movements around the sites and to garner demographic information or idea about its user base in its entirety.

Abode Business uses “cookies” to help you ease your online experience. Mind you, cookies are never in any way used to run any sort of program or to deliver viruses to your system or mobile device. Cookies are assigned to you, uniquely and it’s only readable by a Web server of such domain that provided the cookie to you. Cookies are important because it helps to save your time and its purpose is to alert the Web server of your return to a certain page. For instance, if you have a personalize pages on the Digital Service, a cookie will enhance us to remember your specific information on your visits. When next you return to the same Website, such as previous information or content you accessed can be retrieved.

Abode Business also uses cookies and other similar tracking devices to serve their targeted adverts. Plus, partner with other third parties to show an advert on the Website or to serve and manage our advert on other websites. Abode Business third-party partners may in the same vein, use the cookies or any similar tracking devices so has to provide you content or advert based on your browsing interests or activities.

You have such right and ability to accept or reject cookies. Though most of the Web browsers do automatically accept it, still, you can modify your web browser settings to reject cookies if you so wish. If you decide to reject cookies, you may be lagging in the interactive features of the website if you visit.

5. Advertising

We partner with some third-party advertising service to display or manage advertisements on our Website and ours, too, on other websites. Abode Business ad network service use cookies to gather non-personally identifiable insights or information about your dealings on our Website and other Websites in a bid to provide you certain advert based on your interests.

6. Customer Testimonials and Comments

We have such right to post customer testimonials or suggestions or feedback and/or comments on our Website, which may have certain Personal Information. If you wouldn’t like us to post your testimonial or comments or you want us to alter or edit or remove your post or comment or feedback from our Website, endeavor to contact us by forwarding an email to with the subject “Request to get my comments removed.”

7. Credit Card Information Usage

If you provide us with your credit card information, Abode Business shall use it to confirm your financial qualifications only and to collect certain payment from you if necessary. Abode Business uses a third-party network to manage all credit card processing and this third party service is not allowed to retain or store or use such information you provided save for the aim of processing the credit card on our request.

8. Social Media Features has Social Media features and among them is the Facebook “Like” button, the “Tweet This” button, plus an interactive or notification mini-program. These social channels features may need your IP address, the page you are accessing on our Website and it may allow cookies so as to enhance the features to function efficiently. The Social Media Features are either provided by a third-party service provider and/or it may be hosted directly the Digital Service.

9. External Websites provide a link to its sister or subsidiary website, Abode Business does not control or responsibility for the information or content or items or practices of any other links or websites other than its subsidiary. Abode Business provision of such sites or links does not in any way constitute its endorsement or acknowledgment of these other sites or links, their owners, contents or their usage and practices. This “Privacy Policy” does not extend to these other sites, subject to any other privacy and policies that they may have.

10. Public Forums

Abode Business through its subsidiary website, offers a generally accessible message blog or board and/or community forum. Be informed that if you consciously disclose any personal information via the public message blog or board or forums, such information may be seen, view, collected and be used by other users. If you so request, we shall correct or edit or delete or remove any Personal Information or content you have posted on the Digital Service, as explained under the “Opting-out” below.

11. Retention of Personal Information

In such a situation where we serve as a data processor, Abode business shall retain your Information for such moments as possible for it to perform such function(s) under it deals with the data controller.

Save for where Abode Business act as the data controller, we shall retain such Personal Information that you gave to us as long as it is effectively useful in getting in touch with you about Digital Service  or any other products or services, or as it may be required to act in accordance with our legal duties and obligations, to enforce our agreement and to resolve disputes. After which we will securely remove or delete such Personal Information,  within a period not above 12 months after which the purposes of such processing are done and satisfied. We are obliged to delete or remove this information from our server(s) at a date earlier than the above stipulated, if you so request, as clearly described under the “Opting Out” section below.

12. The Protection of Your Personal Information.

Abode Business will make sure that all the information provided by the users of the Digital Service is all protected from unauthorized use or access or alteration or destruction or disclosure. Most especially:

a. encrypt most of the information using the SSL.

b. We review and guard against any forms of unauthorized access to the information collection, storage, usage and processing practices, plus physical security measures of the systems and the information received or collected or saved and stored therein.

c. We restrict our agents or contractors to access any personal information in the course of processing it for us, Abode Business is aware of the fact that all its users’ information are strict confidentiality, hence any agents or contractors that violate such rule shall be subjected to thorough discipline, including contact termination

13. The Scope of this Privacy Policy. Privacy Policy is applicable to all the services it provides through Digital Service. However, this Privacy Policy is not applicable to any of the following:

Services provided by any other person or companies on a non-abode business website(s), including any other website(s) which may be linked from The Digital Service; and

Such information received by, and Person information practices of any other companies or firm or organizations or individuals who place advertisement on our Digital Service or any of the contents or products or services provided by the Digital Service, and who may allow cookies, pixel tags plus such other devices or technologies to provide or serve and/or offer relevant ads.

14. Compelled Disclosure

Abode Business reserve such right to access use or disclose your Information;

  • If it is required by law or any governments agencies;
  • If we are convinced that such use or access or disclosure is very necessary to protect or guard our rights and protect your safety and that of others; and
  • If we need to investigate fraud, or in compliance with the law or court order and/or legal process.

15. Security

Abode Business uses different technologies to safeguard your personal information and we shall alerts you via the email you provided in the event of any attempt or notice of Security Breach of your account. Since such a security breach by an unauthorized individual materially affects you, then Abode Business will notify immediately and report any class of action we took in such regards.

16. Opting Out

Reviewing, Editing and Removing Your Information

If you are, by the virtue of this privacy policy, being a subject to whom Abode Business process Personal Information, as such, the following are the rights you have with regards to that information:

  • To access or correct and review the Information you supplied us;
  • To request that we remove or edit or correct any outdated information, errors or omissions in such Information you supplied us;
  • To request that such Information you supplied us not be used to contact you;
  • To request that such Information you supplied to be removed from the solicitation list; and
  • To request that all your Personal Information you supplied us to be removed or deleted from our files or records.

You have such right, under certain circumstances, to allow or object to the usage or processing of your Information. You also have such right to ask Abode Business to export your Information into a machine-readable format.

Abode Business serves as a data controller, in exercising any of these rights, endeavor to contact us. will respond to all your requests to effect changes or edit or correct or remove or delete your personal information within a reasonable time.

17. Nigeria Residents.

Abode Business users who reside in Nigeria may decide to request for certain information regarding our disclosure of certain information to any network provider or third parties for marketing purposes or choose to waive or opt-out from such disclosure. Abode Business privacy policy shall not disclose any information gave or collected or received online to any third party for advertising or marketing without your acknowledgment. To opt-out from this, endeavor to contact us at