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Start Earning Big with Stove Thread Production Business

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Are you looking for a business to go into? have you considered Stove thread production? Are you’re a graduate you’re looking for where to start? Then I must say congratulation on deciding to go into your own business and have realized unlike many that employment is a liability.

Look around, the influential men in society, the millionaires and billionaires and thus the richest people in history have always been businessmen, in other words, there has never been a billionaire from employment, even if you work from 6 am- 9 pm you will just be busy enriching others. Why don’t you utilize that same opportunity and have others work for you?

Consider starting up the above title business- “producing stove threads for money”. This product needs no introduction as Owning a stove yourself or have seen one puts you in a better position, stove thread aren’t a new thing since the invention of the cooking stove but the high profit in this business financially is yet to be known to many.

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Are you aware that there are 100,000,000 families and 50,000,000 restaurants/ caterers, and cookery business that cooks their daily meals with a kerosene stove and in such uses stove thread which serves as conduction of the kerosene? Haven lived in Nigeria am sure you know how kerosene is rated and how even on high or low-cost people still stand on queue just to get it, often we concentrate on the profit in kerosene business and forgetting that as the kerosene is in high demand for cooking also there is high demand of stove threads as even though having a kerosene one cant still cook without stove threads (i.e stove wicks) you now have a clue of the huge profit derivable from the production of this thread.

The production of this thread is lucrative but easy as it’s the combination of cotton and polyester yarns which are available in different sizes and thickness and are readily available locally. Why still looking for a business to start when you have a business already, wicks are wicks and will forever be in need, it is a product that so far oil still exist in Nigeria, and people still cook will always be in high demand.

Consider the number of families around you now, are they starving? If not am sure they have cooked what they ate, and as in such must have spent for it. They of cause spend in buying the food they cooked kerosene and also stove thread (wick). Imagine those entire household paying for their stove threads directly to you, now imagine the entire kitchen in your state paying directly to you for their stove threads (wicks) again imagine the entire kitchen in Nigeria paying directly to you for their stove threads.


Unlike other production businesses, stove thread production requires no special skills, education, huge capital or any other form factor of production. The machine for this product is readily available and can be sourced locally and cheaply affordable; it needs no initial employment of workers/operators (small scale) as it can be effectively operated by one person. The machine comes mainly in 2 categories based on the production capacity.

· 100-200 dozen per day( 24 hours) price: 70,000
· 200 and above dozens of threads per day(24 hours) price: 90,000

· This above-mentioned machine requires little space
· No generator/power supply needed but with
· High-quality output.

The demand for stove thread in Nigeria and Africa has always surpassed its supply for not knowing the huge profit of this business has made many a novice to this high profit yielding business in Nigeria. The demand cut across tribes, religion and across Nigeria as it’s demanded in Niger republic, Chad and other West African countries.
This is a business suitable for graduates, retirees, housewives, retailers and as many that are looking for an alternative source of income.

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With Abode Business, the startup has always been easy; contact us via mobile 08168710034
Or via mail as we will provide you with all you need to start up this business.

We will provide you with the

· business plan/feasibility report on the said business
· supply the raw materials
· supply the machine
· sourcing
· marketing
· practical sections

· etc.
But we will advise you start by getting the background knowledge on this business, know your prospective customers your Profit range and the return on investment by getting our concise eBook on this business


· low start-up capital
· no generator
· less labor
· less space
· readily available market
· Availability of machine and raw material.

Utilize this opportunity to contact us now. Remember time waits for no one, don’t actually say later for you are not the same you are yesterday, time brings changes and in such take control of the future now.
+234 (0)8168710034
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Ikoi Abode Ikenna
Ikoi Abode Ikenna is a Pharmacist living in Lagos, Nigeria. A fan of entrepreneurship, technology, and web development and seasoned blogger, currently the owner and editor of Abode Business ( and West Entrepreneur Forum ( you can follow him on Instagram @pharmabode



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