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Top 10 Business schools in Nigeria and Their Locations

Business schools

Business Schools – The need for business Education in the world is increasing. Most individuals that want to venture into business, as well as graduates that want to work in major business establishment, proceed for a certificate in business administration and related fields of specialization. Gone are the days when people venture into business with little or no information on business management and live on trial and error. Also, most employees seek to favor employers with additional business schooling and certificate.

With the increasing competition in the business world globally, it’s required that you get formal at business. Nigerians are not left out in this quest to acquire business education and certification and are thus looking for best business schools to enroll in Nigeria.

There are quite a number of business schools in Nigeria, running different business programs and are churning out lots of graduates with exceptional abilities. While some Nigerians simply enroll for some business programs in Universities, most prefer to attend specialized business schools as its believe that unlike the university programs one could gain more in-depth knowledge and practical training in business management.

Business schools are good for entrepreneurs and want to be entrepreneurs and all that want to start up their own business or that would want to work in a business establishment or service providing companies. The good news is that you don’t have to travel overseas to attend a business school as there are quite a number of business school in Nigeria that offer similar programs with the same standard.

If you are looking for a business school to attend here in Nigeria, then this article is for you:

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Top 10 business schools in Nigeria :

Lagos Business School

Lagos business school is a privately owned business school by Pan Atlantic university and it is considered one of the most successful business school in Nigeria and making the first place n the list is well deserved. The Lagos business school offers several programs ranging from a full-time MBA program, Doctoral programs in Management and Executive MBA programs. Lagos business school is located at Lekki, Lagos.

African Business School

African business school since inception in 2000 has maintained an international standard. Running from their office in Gwarimpa, Abuja, African Business school is affiliated to well know universities both at home and abroad. Thus certainly a business school you should consider in your choice of business school in Nigeria.

The Executive Business School

Executive business school is another school with international affiliation to know universities. Executive business school (EBS for short) was created in 2007 in Lagos and offers various business programs in undergraduate and postgraduate business courses.

The Executive Business School

Located in South-South part of Nigeria, precisely at Warri, Delta state. Delta business school is recognized by many business experts and has produced quite notable entrepreneurs.

Fate Foundation Business school

Though a relatively new business institution as it was founded in 2014 in Lagos. Fate business school is yet another privately owned business school that offers high-quality business courses.

Unicaribbean Business school

Unicaribbean Business school is also a business school to consider for your business tuition needs as they have a remarkable track record of good academic performance and fully accredited by the National University Commission (NUC).

West Africa Business School

West Africa Business School has a good track record with many Nigerian business experts. Having branches across many African countries – Nigeria and Ghana is one of them. West Africa Business school remain a force to reckon with in business education across Africa.

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Integrated Business School

Integrated Business school is the next best business school on the list of school in the country. Integrated business school (IBS) was founded in the year 2000 and located in the northern part of Nigeria and have graduate dozens of graduates.

Bowell Business School

Located in Lagos and Akure, Bowel business school offers great business courses with good academic performance and tat why it made it to the list.

GPE Business School

Another quality business school tat sure made it to the list is GPE Business School. Situated in the South-East region of the country. GPE Business School offers quality business courses too.

Other schools to consider are:

  • Beeches Graduate school of business
  • MSME business school
  • University of Lagos business school etc.

Conclusively on List of Business schools in Nigeria

Contemporary business in Nigeria and around the globe is constantly growing and as such requires people involved in any form of business to grow with it so as to effect sale and remain in business and one way to do this is to constantly adapt to the needs of ordinary people and Business schools show you just how to achieve this.

Ikoi Abode Ikenna
Ikoi Abode Ikenna is a Pharmacist living in Lagos, Nigeria. A fan of entrepreneurship, technology, and web development and seasoned blogger, currently the owner and editor of Abode Business ( and West Entrepreneur Forum ( you can follow him on Instagram @pharmabode


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