Write for Us

Are you an avid writer penning out some interesting details about business ideas and opportunities?  Do you have a well written and aptly researched business-related articles but don’t know where to publish them? Well, Abode Business welcomes bloggers or individual webmasters to publish their content on its website. You can now write for us to publish it for you.

Well, you never can tell, all the needed characteristics to write for Abode Business might be in you.  So, If you wouldn’t mind, you can write to us by simply following the guidelines to be highlighted below. Note that we accept either an article that you have written before but not yet publish or you can mail us a pitch that you know will fit the status of Abode Business.

In our community, we derive pleasure in receiving actionable, insightful and inspirational business ideas and opportunities that will aid an efficient life and a better business world.

Without further ado, if you are considering writing for us or you have an already written article(s) that you’ll like to publish on our community, kindly observe the following guidelines:

* The content is original: Make sure that the article to be submitted for a guest post is aptly written by you. The content should be your original work without any traces of plagiarism or signs that it’s been published anywhere else.

* Factual and Reliable:  For your article to feature on our website, the first rule is that the entry must be accurate, reliable and factual. Should the article fall short of these, it won’t be published.

* Captivating opening: Be informed that a reader will only read through an article with a captivating opening hence, ensure that you use an engaging opening paragraph in the article you will submit for publication.  

* Accurately Quote Sources: In case the article you are planning to forward to use contains some references data, statistics, facts, or any kind of research studies, endeavor to add the link of such references so as to give credit to the source.

NB: Don’t hyperlink the text and do not add the link of your own blog or website – the author bio will take care of your website link, please!

* Word Count – To write for us – Abode Business housed articles of different varieties of word counts but make sure that the article you’ll be submitting for guest posting has at least 700 words.

* Sub-Headings – For us to consider your article for publication, it’s expected of you to split up the entire content with relevant and appropriate sub-headings. This is a bid to make your work easier for potential readers who will like to observe the logical flow of your ideas.

* Double check before you submit: We expect you to run check i.e proofread, check the spelling and grammatical errors –  your content before submitting it to us.

Disclaimer: Abode Business reserve the sole right to accept, publish, edit or reject any content or article that does not meet the above requirements.

How to Make Submission

If you are considering sending us an article for publishing, endeavor to read the above guideline and follow the steps below to reach out to us.

Send us an email containing the following details…

* The title of the content;

* The angle you want to take;

* The rough estimate of the article length;

* The article text;

* Your bio (not necessary);

* Your website link (if any);

To abodebusinessonline@gmail.com It may take some time before we get back to you; so do exercise patience for our kind response.

Thank you!