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Restaurant Business Plan

How to Write a Restaurant Business Plan

Restaurant Business Plan

Apparently, a business plan is a road map from which a new startup business emerge. Regardless of your perception or concept towards the success of a business without a well structured business plan, the business may end up being a wasted resource.

Even, if you trusted your chefs and they also assured you greatness in your restaurant business, you absolutely need to write down an exceptional business plan that will prove the credibility of your idea and perception towards attracting potential customers.

However, the following are ways and things that should suffice in your restaurant business plan.

1. Concept

Start writing your restaurant business plan by explaining your restaurant business concept so as to excite the opportune readers about your great idea.

Write a well detail inspiration that lies in the food you’ll be serving, the reasons behind your restaurant concept, and a general overview of the restaurant business service style.

It isn’t a bad idea to explain what will make your restaurant unique, too. Plus, the restaurant objective, mission and vision statement are needed to be written in bold terms.

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2. Sample Menu

The major Touchpoint and important aspect of any restaurant business is the menu, so it’s no brainer that it’s more important than an ordinary list of items.

Write a simple menu list of your restaurant with affordable prices that is based or are in line with detailed cost analysis.


3. Financial or Fund Analysis

One of the reasons for writing a business plan is to know the exact amount needed for the business and to know how and what to spend it on. Before you start out your restaurant business, a realistic financial ratio of the business needs to be done.

You need to decide the number of chairs and tables to be made and how much they will cost, the scale of your restaurant business – either large, medium or small – needs to be determined in order to estimate the building or rent costs.

Also, to avoid a financial crash down, the amount to be spent on seasonings, sauce, recipe and host of others should be highlighted in order not to overdo it when the business started in full.

However, if you encounter any problem in structuring this out you can visit an accountant or business consultant to help you map out a coordinate financial formats for your restaurant business.

4. Location

A well drafted restaurant business plan will contain a location section. This is where you will consider the suitable place for your restaurant concept and idea.

You should plan the location of your business with patience, so as to figure out an area that is rushing in terms of foot traffic and square footage plus, an area that has a freeway accessibility, wide parking lots etc.

5. Target audience

Restaurant Business PlanThis part of your restaurant business should base on who your target audience is. You should be able to analyze the kind of business they do for a living, their age grade, what will be their average income and many more.

Once you are able to analyze your target audience in detail, then you will know better the kind of concept that will be more appealing to their taste.

6. Marketing and Publicity

Since it’s practically impossible to start a restaurant business out of the blue moon and expect your target audience to start patronising you, that’s why you will need to map out what will be your marketing concept and techniques.

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In conclusion, a business without a plan is like a building without a foundation. Therefore, write down your restaurant business plan in accordance with the above discuss and enjoy a free flow of financial record in your business.

Ikoi Abode Ikenna

Ikoi Abode Ikenna is a Pharmacist living in Lagos, Nigeria. A fan of entrepreneurship, technology, and web development and seasoned blogger, currently the owner and editor of Abode Business ( and West Entrepreneur Forum ( you can follow him on Instagram @pharmabode

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